Touken Ranbu Cosplay Koryuu Kagemitsu Costume


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Touken Ranbu Cosplay Koryuu Kagemitsu Costume
Include: Cloak + Inner Top + Top + Pants + Headwear + Glove + Hand Ornament + Bandage + Belts + Knife Prop + Bags
Material: Cotton + Polyester + Artificial Leather
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    Made of Cotton + Polyester + Artificial Leather, high quality and comfortable to wear, tailor-made, fit you best. The costumes are both accurate designed, exquisite in details, made according to the original version, great for Koryuu Kagemitsu Cosplay. Koryū Kagemitsu (小龍景光, Little Dragon Kagemitsu) is a katana. When Koryū Kagemitsu was completed, the apprentice swordsmith who made it killed his own master and disappeared, keeping the katana for himself.

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